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Sacred Pudding Karah Parshad - Recipe

Today I give you kind of subject, which was not touched before here, and as well it is first post on this blog in English  so you can't miss it! I'll give you recipe for a sacred pudding called "Karah Parshad"

This pudding is very popular in the society of Sikh, because in the Sikh temple after a prayer all the people there, get a little bit of this pudding. It is treated as blessing and everyone get it from the same bowl, what is a sign of being equal with all people. In this society, good/rich, poor/bad people are the same.

Right now I will give you the recipe (when you make this sweet dessert you should recite the verse from the "Sikh holy book" - Guru Granth Sahib", but this must do only people, which follow this religion. If you're not one of them, then you don't need to worry about it, anyway show some respect because for Sikh this is the sacred meal.)


Three glasses of water

 One glass of sugar

 One glass of unsalted butter Ghee

One glass of the wheat flour

How to make it?

In the pot, or pan mix water with glass of sugar and cook it until it's boiled.

In another pan you have to heat butter Ghee until it will melt. When butter will melt, then add to this glass of flour and continuously stir it. When you begin to getting kind of nice mixture, then add your boiled water with sugar to the mixture and stir it again around 10-20 minutes.


When our mixture will go out nicely form the pan, then we can see it is ready to eat.

The mixture should be looking similar to the pictures above and be nice, as well sticky. Something like play dough.

That's all. It's very nice, quick and quite easy recipe from Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh), so you have to try this at your home. Have a nice meal. :) 

Our Karah Parshad is ready! Of course, you can change this recipe a little it, by adding your favourite extra ingridents.

For example: 

Nuts, raisins, cardamon, cinnamon, raspberry syrup etc. 

I add to my pudding the few of them, as you can see on the picture above. Let's then go and eat. Have a yummy and Delicious meal. :) 

Extra Info:

All pictures I posted are from my private collection. This is very good sweet dessert. Nice but very fatty, so I say this for warning the people that are on diet.

I found  this recipe on internet on some website, which I don't remember, because I wrote it on the piece of paper. However, it's not a big deal, since this recipe  doesn't have too much ingredients, so everywhere should be similar. Just this extra things can be different. 

Your Lily :) 

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